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05:03am 16/12/2004
03:01pm 14/12/2004
mood: aweopijapjfh
well it's been a long fucking time m8tys...so sorry...
ummm...I got Lacuna Coil-Unleashed Memories...
and we seem to have a new member...Redskeleton...
so all in all...we are in buisness...
I guess
08:31pm 03/10/2004
mood: awake
Well, since this community hasn't done much, I daresay a update is in order....

If anyone cares, I got the new Atreyu c.d. this Friday.....

w00t-ness for me! ^_^
01:52pm 01/10/2004
mood: creative
the background for OCtober will be System of a Down so get ready chicklits!@
More Bands and Top 20 CD's To Buy 
12:18pm 27/09/2004
mood: Whaoo!
Drive By Truckers

1.Futures-Jimmy Eat World
2.American Idiot-Greenday
3.Contraband-Velvet Revolver
4.We Are Not Alone-Breaking Benjamin
5.Getting Away With Murder-Papa Roach
6.CHUCK-Sum 41
7.In Love and Death-The Used
8.This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In-Chevelle
9.Good News For People Who Love Bad News-Modest Mouse
10.In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3-Coheed and Cambria
13.13th Step-A Perfect Circle
15.3 Days Grace-3 Days Grace
16.Gold Metal-The Donnas
17.3 Cheers For Sweet Revenge-My Chemical Romance
18.Youth-Collective Soul
19.Subliminal Verses-Slipknot
20.GOd Doesn't Care-Instruction
(not in any specific order)
(more tomorrow)
New Bands in the Southeast! 
06:41am 27/09/2004
mood: I hate colds!
2.Chesterfield Kings
3.THe Pigs
4. Skull Soup
7.Inspector 12
8.Radio Dead Space(awesome)
11.Down Bleed
12.Serene Scream
13.Gallaxy(they are getting back together!)
14.U.S. Police State
15. The Cramps
ALl of these bands are really good...
here are some links...
11:26am 22/09/2004
mood: calm
Yes Two members! WOoHOo!
We are in action...
Recruit!! Recruit!!@
Woooo...first post baby! XDD 
06:44pm 20/09/2004
mood: artistic
Well, I guess with the exception of the moderator krackles89 I'm the first member here...

Well, name's Michiyo, and I guess some of my favorite bands are Linkin Park, System of A Down, Disturbed, Korn, AFI, Breaking Benjamin, Lacuna Coil, Fear Factory, Otep, Atreyu, Rammstein, and a whole bunch of others....

so, nice to meet you, and great luck to this community! ^_^
10:28am 20/09/2004
mood: Funity!
I changed the background..It's Three Days Grace this month!
10:20am 20/09/2004
  Ok made a banner for the community telling people to join. But I can't get it in my blog. Pissing me off.